Stanley: Intelligence Unleashed

A Sci-fi Genetic Engineering Action Adventure

Book Cover: Stanley: Intelligence Unleashed
Part of the Short Stories and Novellas series:

From lab to battlefield. Intelligence Unleashed

When Stanley, an intelligent orangutan, is thrust into a battle for his own survival, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy at the heart of the corporation that created him. In a future where genetic experimentation has led to the creation of uplifted animals, Stanley finds himself at the center of a dangerous experiment by the powerful Hellinix Corporation. As his mind and body are pushed to the limits, Stanley must navigate a world of politics, greed, and betrayal as he fights for not only his freedom, but for his very survival.

With action-packed thrills and thought-provoking commentary on the ethics of genetic manipulation, this science fiction novella will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you're looking for an exciting sci-fi story with a powerful message, don't miss Stanley.

Take the journey and discover a future you won't soon forget. Pick up your copy today!


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