Book Cover: Siege
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When heroism is your only choice, every battle becomes a test of humanity

Millicent Cuff was just an ordinary teenager until a crashed experimental aircraft turned her world upside down. From the wreckage, she salvages a shattered sphere. The artifact imbues her with extraordinary abilities – a blessing or a curse, she cannot tell. Her peaceful village life shatters when an unknown army lays siege.

Trained by her father, a hard-nosed former SAS commando, she's no stranger to struggle. But this battle isn't just physical; it's a test of her very humanity. As the line between hero and monster blurs, Millicent must confront not only the enemy at her door but also the growing power within her.

'Siege' is a gripping, dark prequel to the Zero-Point Awakening Series, revealing the origins of a hero and setting the stage for a serialized science-fiction thriller like no other.

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 by Herschel

A well crafted story with good character development. This is a very bloody violent story that is on the edge of my tolerance level. I don't mean this as criticism of the author. It is just a matter of my taste in what I read. The storytelling and premise are so good that I will try more of the Zero Point Awakening Universe. But there may come a point where I have to stop and put it down.