The Cricket

A Science Fiction Short

They kept her in a gilded cage while outside her people suffered.

In the future, shifting weather patterns have left the nation of Japan a dried out dustbowl. The wealthy huddle beneath crystal domes, living the lies of the past, while the poor scrounge for food and jealously guard what moisture they can recycle.

Miya lives inside the Imperial Palace at the heart of the city. Her days begin and end within its walls. Dust storms rage and howl against the dome, but below the crystal, the verdant gardens, koi ponds, waterfalls, and moats are pristine. In the palace, nothing ever changes. But even Miya is aware that things beyond the walls are not what the Chancellor would have her believe. The people are parched and angry. There is talk of rebellion. But the Chancellor’s cruel fist controls all.

If only the cricket could escape the walls of her cage…