Cephalopods Are So Last Year

A Humorous Science Fiction Short

Aliens Invade...our bedrooms?
Dating is hard enough post-alien invasion but next to impossible when the aliens are symbiotes that attach to your neck.
For Jasper Hughes, online dating is a final last attempt at being a human in an octopod world. The only other option is to give up and he’s not quite willing to do that just yet.
He might have planned the perfect evening with a young, professional woman of the right species. The only problem is, he’s not alone. Norman—his octopod symbiote—always has his tentacles wrapped around Jasper’s throat and isn’t afraid to steer the ship.
Cephalopods Are So Last Year is a humorous science fiction short read that will take you on an irreverent ride into a future infested with alien octopods who may have even more hangups and issues than we do.
Also octopuses. Octopi? Octopodes. Whatever... Swipe right on this story about dating with aliens.

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