Ever wanted a ring-side seat to the action? How about a behind-the-scenes peek into how great stories are put together? Or the chance to help shape books before anyone else has seen them?

If that sounds like you, then you may have what it takes to be a ZZ Adams First Reader.

Q. What is a First Reader?

A. ZZ Adams First Readers are our tribe. They’re the people we trust to tell us when we are getting things right and when we… aren’t. They are the sword in the darkness, the watchers on the walls, the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn…ok, we may be confused here. The point is, these are our people and the ones who really love what we are doing and want to see behind the curtain. If that sounds like you, sign up below.

Q. What does a ZZ Adams First Reader have to do?

A. Read. Hang out. Comment. Tell us when we did something you like and when we screw up. As a First Reader we will be sending you Advance Reader Copies of our books as they come out. That means you will see them before anyone else. If there are typos or errors or something in the book made you want to throw it against the wall (really hoping this happens) then we want to know. That’s it really. All First Readers who helped with any of the books and other special projects will be mentioned personally in the acknowledgements. Who knows, you may even get to have a character named after you!

Q. OK, sounds good so far, but what’s the catch?

A. No catches. You sign up and we will put you on a special mailing list that will receive early release versions of all our books for FREE. If you want, you can go and leave a review on Amazon (we’d appreciate that) but only if you want to (no pressure). If you want, you can give us feedback. There are lots of ways to do that which we will tell you once you sign up below.

So that’s it, really. Come join the tribe and be one of ZZ Adams’ First Readers. Sign up below and we will put you on our mailing list where you will receive periodic updates, special insider information on upcoming projects, information on how to hang out with us and more!