Splice: A Sci-fi Technothriller

The kid is a bomb that’s ready to go off, but for one genetically-modified hero, he’s a second chance.

Elliot: Trained from birth by his father, being a killer is all he’s ever known. After his family were killed in suspicious circumstances, the story of their millenia old guild of assassins is a mystery he desperately needs to solve.

When his only two friends are kidnapped by Hellinix:  a shadowy corporation, wielding advanced alien technology. He must employ his deadly skills to bring them home.

He lost everything he loved once, he won’t let them rip it away from him again, no matter what it takes.

Arthur: Life as a TV personality hasn’t lived up to his dreams. He’s coming to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth putting his ex-wife and daughter in second place to end up a D-list celebrity. Worse, Hellinix’s genetic modifications don’t seem to have stopped asserting themselves. He’s still changing, but into what? 

No matter what Hellinix does to try to keep him under their control, kidnapping his wife and daughter will be their biggest mistake. Nothing will stop him from getting them back. But when he runs headlong into a teen assassin set on a path of self-destruction, he is forced to be the person Elliot needs. Could this be the second chance at being a good father he was hoping for?

Splice is a fast-paced science fiction adventure about genetically modified heroes, evil corporations and an impending alien invasion.

If you are a fan of The Avengers, X-Men, The Boys, Watchmen, Guardians of the Galaxy, you will love the second action-packed episode of this humorous serialized science fiction adventure.



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