A Sci-fi Technothriller

Having just started an alien invasion, most heroes would feel a certain level of responsibility... 

Scattered across the globe after Elliot teleported the team with the broken alien sphere, the heroes are forced to find their way home, or at least as far as the Strand hotel (Hey, they have good muffins!).

But as well as the oncoming alien armada, there’s still Hellinix, the Blood of Breogan, and the Children of Gaia left to deal with.

Will Elliot ever start accepting responsibility for his blunders? Is there really a country called Arseholeville? Is a shark moat actually an effective intruder deterrent?

Because it all feels a bit like the team might be fiddling while Rome burns, as somewhere out there, Hellinix is moving forward with its plans and all the evidence points to the inevitable conclusion that they want the aliens to come. Hell, they seem to be counting on it.