ZZ Update

So where are we at? Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are still here writing up a storm. As some of you may know, we have completed the Zero-Point Awakening series. Series one is fully complete at a binge-worthy eight volumes. There’s also a prequel, Wunderkind which is one of the best books in the series in our not-so-humble opinion.

Side-by-side of the original Splice cover and the new cover

In other news we have updated the text of Splice and that updated text is now available with the new cover.

We have a warm place in our heart for the old cover, but the new one looks great and should do the trick nicely.

New Projects – Fantasy

After writing nine plus books one after the other we were understandably a bit burned out, so we have been focusing on new projects and trying to recover. One of the upcoming projects is code-named “Muni.”

It will be a Mark Lawrence, Will Wight-style action adventure/dark fantasy set in an analogue of Victorian England. This novel is still in the first draft phase, but progress is good and we believe it is currently at about 60% complete. Once that one is done we will be working on a brand new YA fantasy trilogy set in the Edwardian era – Code-named Phoenix. But more about that in the future.

New Sci-fi

For our readers who enjoy a good science fiction adventure, book two of our dystopian sci-fi series, Mindstorm is coming soon. The draft on that one is complete and we are proud to announce that we are doing a collaboration with one of our good friends and also a brilliant writer, JJ Segwis, on that and the final book in the series. Book 2 is currently titled Psyclone and we will announce ARC availability and release dates in due course. Book 3 of the series is in the planning stages but we promise it will be an amazing ride and a fitting end to the series.

We also have a brand-new space opera series dropping soon, so keep on the lookout for that!

And that’s it for now. We will come back in a few weeks with another update on where we are with these projects and much more. Thanks for reading and for your support!

ZZ Update

The last 18 months we have been writing up a storm to finish the ZPA series and now it is done! We are super happy about that, not only because it means we were able to see the series through to a conclusion but also because it means we can now work on other projects that we have been wanting to get to. We are also a bit tired so have been taking a holiday for a couple of weeks. Now, though, we are back at work and will soon have something new to share with you. Those of you who are part of our private Facebook group or in our ZZ Discord already know what I am talking about. If you want to be up to date on all things ZZ and get the inside view, come and hang out with us.

For everyone who has been waiting for the ZPA series to finish before you dig into it, here it is! As we like to say, we think it is a binge-worthy investment. And if you enjoyed it, please leave us an honest review. It helps more than you know.

Book 8 update!

A watched progress meter never boils…?

Andrew here. Book 8 update: just under 102% of first draft completed. This will grow further with the next round of rewrites starting today or tomorrow. Damian has one more epilogue to go (yes, there are many – about four of them this time because why not?) and I am writing the last one of mine which has turned into a mini-short story… Stay tuned!

Not a podcast rides again! Episode 6

We had a great time recording our recent discussion with what we think is probably the greatest group of humans ever assembled. Thanks to everyone who joined the discussion! We had a few minor technical difficulties at the beginning, and as usual there is no editing on this, so you get it warts and all, but after getting those sorted, we moved on quickly to a range of book-related topics. For those of you who love reading and science fiction and enjoy listening to casual long-form discussions, I think you’ll enjoy this one. If you do, please let us know by sending us an email!

Book 7 Incursion is complete!

A big week for us as we’ve released the penultimate book of the Zero-Point Awakening series. But more about that below!

Well, Damian can hear again, so that’s all done with. He’s now grafting alongside the long-suffering Andrew to get the first draft of book eight ready. It seems like an enormous job from this end of the plank, and to be fair, it really is. But we’re going to do it and get it out in time for you.

Other than that, Damian has been daydreaming about finally moving to Ireland. And both Andrew and Damian have been looking at guitars. Andrew might even build one! (with the emphasis on might)

We think when we actually can get out and go to conventions and stuff like that, we’ll have to take some travel guitars with us. 

We’ve been talking about the future quite a lot over the last week, and there’s certainly no shortage of books we want to write. So we’ll be moving on to some new projects soon, and we’ll be publishing them more quickly than you might imagine.

For anyone who would like to talk to us or get the inside scoop on what we are doing or any of the books, you can catch us pretty much any time on our discord server ( We are putting up more information there and having some great discussions, so join in! If you are not on discord but would like to catch up we also have a Facebook group. Come along and say hi!

Hope you have an amazing week!

– Damian and Andrew (ZZ Adams)

Beachhead is Officially Done!

It’s official. Huge thanks to our wonderful First Readers team for your help at super short notice! The book is now ready to go out. It goes live on December 2nd, so make sure you have pre-ordered your copy. If you haven’t, go and do that now. You can pre-order it here through our affiliate link.

This is the turning point for the series. Get ready for things to turn deep and dark! You’ll be so on the edge of your seat, there will be a line across your arse. Now if that doesn’t make you want to read this, we just don’t know what to say.

photo of golden cogwheel on black background

Project Updates

We have a lot going on so we thought we should track it. Here are the main projects that are in flight right now:


Writing first draft

Incursion: Zero Point Awakening Book 7


Peanuts & Promises

Writing first draft

Peanuts & Promises – Prequel story


Super Time Tokyo Zombie Party

Writing first draft


Mindstorm Project (Book 2)

Writing first draft

Book 2 of His Storm Blows Out the Light


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