ZZ Update

The last 18 months we have been writing up a storm to finish the ZPA series and now it is done! We are super happy about that, not only because it means we were able to see the series through to a conclusion but also because it means we can now work on other projects that we have been wanting to get to. We are also a bit tired so have been taking a holiday for a couple of weeks. Now, though, we are back at work and will soon have something new to share with you. Those of you who are part of our private Facebook group or in our ZZ Discord already know what I am talking about. If you want to be up to date on all things ZZ and get the inside view, come and hang out with us.

For everyone who has been waiting for the ZPA series to finish before you dig into it, here it is! As we like to say, we think it is a binge-worthy investment. And if you enjoyed it, please leave us an honest review. It helps more than you know.