We were featured on Savage Planets

We were featured on Savage Planets! A big shout out to Keith with apologies for not responding quickly enough to do more. That’s on us. It’s a big honor to be featured on Savage Planets. You can check it out the article here.

If you don’t know Savage Planets (you should!), it is a quarterly sci-fi publication “bringing together the best of science fiction stories, speculative poetry, and multimedia, reviews”. And it does all that while looking visually stunning.

When I get some time later this week I will consider writing a response to the piece. That could be fun!

New Novella Release — Stanley: Intelligence Unleashed

From lab to battlefield. Intelligence Unleashed

When Stanley, an intelligent orangutan, is thrust into a battle for his own survival, he uncovers a deadly conspiracy at the heart of the corporation that created him. In a future where genetic experimentation has led to the creation of uplifted animals, Stanley finds himself at the center of a dangerous experiment by the powerful Hellinix Corporation. As his mind and body are pushed to the limits, Stanley must navigate a world of politics, greed, and betrayal as he fights for not only his freedom, but for his very survival.

With action-packed thrills and thought-provoking commentary on the ethics of genetic manipulation, this science fiction novella will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for an exciting sci-fi story with a powerful message, don’t miss Stanley.

Take the journey and discover a future you won’t soon forget. Pick up your copy today!

Super Time Tokyo Zombie Party (an excerpt)

I’m releasing this first chapter of the story into the wild for you to enjoy. Please let us know what you think. If you’d like the rest of it, let us know.

NB: This is an unpublished first draft of the first chapter of Super Time Tokyo Zombie Party, a novella (or a novel?) in the Zero-Point Awakening series. This story comes after Counterpunch (Book 5) and before Beach Head (Book 6) in the reading order.

This is unedited draft, so you are reading it at your own risk. 🙂

Chapter One – Rina

The missile struck Shimbashi on a Thursday. Rina Jin had just clambered onto a stool to perform her spinning owl dance for a couple of dour-looking forty-somethings in matching salmon pink sports jackets, when a light bright enough to pierce the edges of the hoarding over the front window stunned her into silence. A few heartbeats later, the room rocked like it was a level three earthquake.

“Why are you stopping? Come on, we’re paying for this.” The guy had a greasy mustache. Rina knew the type. She’d never date them, but they paid well. Neither man seemed concerned by the flash of light or by the shaking. A light swung slowly back and forth above the table. Shadows spread and retreated, advanced and retreated.

“I’m so sorry,” said Rina. “I lost my concentration. Please let me start over.”

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ZPA Box set is Ready for you!

The full box set of the Zero-Point Awakening series is ready for you to read! Featuring all eight books in this fan-favorite series. 1700+ pages—8 full novels—of alien invasion, assassins, scoundrels, and explosive military sci-fi action.

If you prefer to read complete series, then this one is for you. If you like stories about unlikely heroes thrown together by fate to defend the Earth from an impending alien invasion, hyper-intelligent orangutans and secret societies of assassins and high-tech weaponry, then you will love this series.

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Playing with Hal

It seems like every author and their dog is playing around with AI-generated art. Luckily, there is still a place for photoshop (or in this case GIMP). This is a composite I made using bits of AI-generated art. The cool thing here is that I learned to do the lighting effects on the figure. That’s something I have never been able to do properly before and this was a great experiment which I think has turned out well. What do you think? Anyway, back to writing!

– Andrew

Book 8 update!

A watched progress meter never boils…?

Andrew here. Book 8 update: just under 102% of first draft completed. This will grow further with the next round of rewrites starting today or tomorrow. Damian has one more epilogue to go (yes, there are many – about four of them this time because why not?) and I am writing the last one of mine which has turned into a mini-short story… Stay tuned!

Beachhead is Officially Done!

It’s official. Huge thanks to our wonderful First Readers team for your help at super short notice! The book is now ready to go out. It goes live on December 2nd, so make sure you have pre-ordered your copy. If you haven’t, go and do that now. You can pre-order it here through our affiliate link.

This is the turning point for the series. Get ready for things to turn deep and dark! You’ll be so on the edge of your seat, there will be a line across your arse. Now if that doesn’t make you want to read this, we just don’t know what to say.