Book Cover: Mindstorm
Part of the His Storm Blows Out the Light series:
Pages: 377

Fight for your friends, your family, your future.

It’s the near future and severe poverty is the new normal for the majority of humanity. The world is suffering from climate change and the future seems bleak. In the UK, children with incredible psychic abilities begin to appear.

For Oscar Hyde, life has never been harder. Everyone he knows is moving out of the city. Even his family are considering going. When Oscar discovers he has the power to be ignored, he succumbs to temptation and starts stealing. As his opportunistic tendencies take over, he becomes addicted to the adrenaline-fuelled thefts. He has the power to be ignored, so why not use it?

But when agents from a secret organization come to kidnap him, he’s saved by a scrappy group of teenagers with psychic powers of their own. In the Core, an underground lair in the heart of London, they are watched over by Athena, a shadowy figure with an agenda as mysterious as she is. But they will need more than the considerable resources of Athena and the Core to fight off the organization that is gathering against them. Can they learn to tap into their powers and pull together, or will they fall victim to the secrets of their past?

Mindstorm is a YA dystopian science fiction story with a cast of scrappy super-teens you will fall in love with.