Two amazing new books coming soon

Two amazing new books coming soon

So what have we been up to? If you guessed writing, you’d be right!

We’re hard at work on Wunderkind, a new prequel to the Zero-point Awakening series.

We are simultaneously editing book 3 (Ascension) and writing book 7 (Incursion). We will be releasing all of this and more this year, so hang on to your metaphorical hats!

Wunderkind features Elliot Goshawk and Gunther (who some of you will recognize from Splice, and Gunther from Siege and Fire and Sand as well). The book also gives Millicent (from Siege) some air time.

We think you are going to love this one. It has been a lot of fun to write so far and, as long as we survive the editing process, we don’t see any reason why this will not be ready for download very soon. So stay tuned for updates.

Two amazing new books coming soon

But wait, there’s more! With Shadow War closer than ever to release, we will soon be putting book 3 (Ascension) up for pre-order as well. Here’s a sneak peek.

We are working hard to get these ready for you and we cannot wait to see what you think.

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