Marketing Is Killing Me, Take Me Back In Time Now!

What’s harder than writing a novel?

Marketing Is Killing Me, Take Me Back In Time Now!
This guy knows…

Where do we even start with that one? For a start, let’s be brutally honest here. I was one of those writers who thought completing the novel was the hard part (poor naïve chump that I was). Oh no. You know what’s more difficult (for me, at least) than writing a novel? Finding someone to read it!

So apparently there’s this thing called “marketing.” I’m putting it in quotation marks because I still refuse to believe it exists (although the experts say it is a a thing, and they’re the experts). We need to do that and if all goes well, the gods align, the stars approve, the heavens wink (or something) and good things start to happen. By good things, I mean that readers will start finding our books and then, like, actually read them.

To that end, I give you offering # 2: Cephalopods are So Last Year. Learning about how to reach readers and sell books feels like it is going to be an even longer road than learning to write has been so far (another never-ending climb up a mountain). All that said, I really hope you do like this humorous sci-fi tale. And if you do, please leave a review for me. Apparently those help a lot!

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