Book Cover: Hunter
Part of the Related to His Storm Blows Out the Light series:
  • Hunter

A psychic awakening comes with magnificent powers. And a secret organization determined to capture you.

Erin Shaw and George Campbell knew it was true love from the beginning. But she was firmly working-class—brought up on a housing estate. He was the heir to a dukedom—his father with his own castle and staff. It was hard enough to fit in with the hunters and their rifles, but when the castle comes under attack from a squad of armed agents, Erin must defeat her fear and fight alongside the Laird and his family against the invaders.

It isn't only that there is a team of well-trained thugs trying to kidnap her and murder her boyfriend and his family but something else is happening to her--something she can't explain.

To survive, Erin will need to do more than fight. She will have to learn to use her new-found powers to save not only herself but her new family.

Hunter is the YA supernatural short story, set in the world of Mindstorm, a brand new YA science fiction thriller from ZZ Adams.

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byChristine Hyland onHunter

I found Hunter gripping and couldn't stop reading. I cannot wait for the next book! Please write it soon ZZ ?

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