The Cricket

A near-future dystopian Science fiction fast read set in Japan

Like dystopian science fiction? Love political intrigue? This near-future dystopian science fiction fast read set in Japan from ZZ Adams combines them both. Set in a dystopian future version of Tokyo where water is more precious than gold, a princess must fight to take back what is rightfully hers. Available now on Amazon.

Is life in a cage any life at all?


Future Tokyo is a dustbowl.

The wealthy huddle beneath crystal domes, living the lies of the past.

The poor scrounge for food and suffer in the heat.

Dust storms rage and howl against the dome that covers the Imperial Palace, but below the crystal, the verdant gardens, koi ponds, waterfalls, and moats are pristine.

Will things ever change?

Can Princess Miyo bring life back to her people?

There is talk of rebellion. They need a real leader.

Can the cricket escape the walls of her cage?

You’ll love The Cricket because everyone enjoys a page-turning work of eco-science fiction that you can read in one sitting.

Get it now.

Get it now on Amazon

Lovers of science fiction who like their sci-fi with a strong dose of political intrigue will enjoy this tale of a strong female protagonist fighting against an entrenched patriarchy who seek to use her for their own ends. Set in a near-future Tokyo where water has become scarce, this is a story of strength and hope.

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