Shadow War: Available for Pre-order Now at Amazon

Writing is a funny business. We just released Siege (The prequel to the Zero-point Awakening series) and then Splice, Episode 1 and now it feels amazing that we are in the lead up to releasing Shadow War, Episode 2. Shadow War is available at Amazon now.

On the run from a remorseless corporation, now they’re working together to strike back!

Months have passed and Lizard Man and Assassin Boy are hot on the trail of their kidnapped loved ones. Everywhere they look they find the greasy fingerprints of Hellinix, a shadowy multinational corporation with grand and nefarious plans. A company that does not want to leave them alone. 

They nearly saved the world the first time. This time will be different. Probably.

You can find out more about Splice here. And if you would like to know more about the story or the characters, there is no better way to get to know them than to read Siege, Fire and Sand and the upcoming Wunderkind (more on that later).