Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

Obligatory pet pic – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Max

It has been a pretty terrible year for a lot of people this year. For us, it’s been a busy one. We started this journey in May. It was just an idea–two friends with a love for writing and for science fiction and fantasy in particular, collaborating on novels and short stories. What could possibly go wrong?

Project Status Update

Here’s a list of a few of the key things we have managed to do since May, 2020 (apologies in advance… this is going to be long):

We completed Siege, the prequel

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

We wrote the pilot episode of the Zero-Point Awakening series, Siege. This is a punchy first in the series that introduces Millicent, a character who comes back later in the series. We wanted this to have elements of sci-fi and military-style action (both hallmarks of the series) but also to be human. There is an arc for Millicent and the major secondary characters. There is drama and there is action. We believe this is a great read and you should definitely let us know either way! You can grab a copy of SIEGE if you have not picked one up already from here (you will need to sign up to our mailing list to get it. If you have already signed up, don’t worry, the system takes care of that and you will not receive multiple copies of emails.

We wrote and released Splice

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

Splice is the first in the Zero-Point Awakening series and it introduces Elliot and Arthur two of our key characters.

This book has more humor than Siege and really gets into the relationship between Arthur and Elliot as they try to learn to live with each other and come to grips with their abilities.

The aim of this book was to have fun. We both love X-men, Avengers and The Boys and when we first started thinking about the Zero-Point series we wanted it to be something that fans of Watchmen and the Avengers would love. Just like with Siege, we wanted there to be a beating drum of action and we think we have achieved that but it is not action alone. There is real character development throughout Splice and both of us have come to love these characters (or hate them, as the case may be). We hope you will come to love them as much as we do.

Splice is available at Amazon and is free on Kindle Unlimited. You can find out more about it here or pick up your copy at Amazon here.

We completed Shadow War

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

We don’t want to say too much about Shadow War, the second episode (book 2) of the Zero-Point Awakening series because… spoilers. The story continues with much angst caused to the cast of characters by the ornery writers of this series (ahem).

Shadow War is available for pre-order on Amazon and will also be free for Kindle Unlimited subscribers. You can find out more about Shadow War here.

Progress on the Rest of ZPA Series

There are eight main books planned in the Zero-Point Awakening series. Here’s where we are with the rest:

  • Episode 3 (Ascension) – Complete (scheduled for pre-order in April, 2021 and release May 1, 2021) (Arthur and Elliot are back of course but they are joined by two new cast members (Millicent from Siege and a new character called Stanley)).
  • Episode 4 (Mayday) – Draft is complete, currently being edited. (scheduled for release June 1, 2021)
  • Episode 5 (Counterpunch) – First draft complete. Going through second draft process. (scheduled for release July 1, 2021)
  • Episode 6 (Beachhead) – Plotted.
  • Episode 7 (Incursion) – Still a long way to go.
  • Episode 8 (Tyranny) – What? We have a book called Tyranny planned?

The Mindstorm Project

We had our hands full with the ZPA series, but we haven’t stopped there. We also released Mindstorm for pre-order this month. Mindstorm is the first in a YA dystopian sci-fi series about a group of plucky teens in London who wake up one day with supernatural powers. You can find out more about Mindstorm here or pre-order it at Amazon here.

The best is yet to come!

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie
Mindstorm — YA dystopian Sci-fi

Luckily, working on the collaboration has been a pleasure for us both and has helped us get through this whole Covid situation. The collaboration could not have gone better and while what we are writing may not be everyone’s cup of tea (really?) we’ve managed to create a few stories that have resonated with people and we are both humbled and pleased by the results.

For everyone who has supported us by buying one of our books or stories or by leaving a review, or sending us a personal email, thank you! We really appreciate your time and effort. It means a lot. From our side we promise to continue writing stories you love and doing it to the best of our ability, maintaining the highest quality of prose and editing. That’s our commitment. Will we fail? Probably. But we are going to do our best.

Which leads me to Hunter. If you are looking for a great read during the holidays, we have you covered.

Hunter – a supernatural thriller

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

A psychic awakening comes with magnificent powers. And a secret organisation determined to capture you.

Erin Shaw and George Campbell knew it was true love from the beginning. But she was firmly working-class—brought up on a housing estate. He was the heir to a dukedom—his father with his own castle and staff.

It was hard enough to fit in with the hunters and their rifles, but when the castle comes under attack from a squad of armed agents, Erin must defeat her fear and fight alongside the Laird and his family against the invaders.

It isn’t only that there is a team of well-trained thugs trying to kidnap her and murder her boyfriend and his family but something else is happening to her–something she can’t explain.

To survive, Erin will need to do more than fight. She will have to learn to use her new-found powers to save not only herself but her new family.

Hunter is the YA supernatural short story, set in the world of Mindstorm, a brand new YA science fiction thriller from ZZ Adams.

But wait, there’s more

We also released two sci-fi stories. These are available at Amazon for only 99c so if you haven’t checked them out, please do and if you do, please consider leaving a review. That’s the best present any author can hope for.

Happy Holidays and a New Freebie
Happy Holidays and a New Freebie
Happy Holidays and a New Freebie

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