Book 7 Incursion is complete!

Book 7 Incursion is complete!

A big week for us as we’ve released the penultimate book of the Zero-Point Awakening series. But more about that below!

Well, Damian can hear again, so that’s all done with. He’s now grafting alongside the long-suffering Andrew to get the first draft of book eight ready. It seems like an enormous job from this end of the plank, and to be fair, it really is. But we’re going to do it and get it out in time for you.

Other than that, Damian has been daydreaming about finally moving to Ireland. And both Andrew and Damian have been looking at guitars. Andrew might even build one! (with the emphasis on might)

We think when we actually can get out and go to conventions and stuff like that, we’ll have to take some travel guitars with us. 

We’ve been talking about the future quite a lot over the last week, and there’s certainly no shortage of books we want to write. So we’ll be moving on to some new projects soon, and we’ll be publishing them more quickly than you might imagine.

For anyone who would like to talk to us or get the inside scoop on what we are doing or any of the books, you can catch us pretty much any time on our discord server ( We are putting up more information there and having some great discussions, so join in! If you are not on discord but would like to catch up we also have a Facebook group. Come along and say hi!

Hope you have an amazing week!

– Damian and Andrew (ZZ Adams)

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Book 6 Draft is… Complete!
Welcome to another week!
As you read this we will have completed the first draft of book (Beachhead). Yes! You heard it here first. Book 5 (Counterpunch) is currently winging its way out to our First Readers team (the intrepid group of awesome people who have volunteered to beta read for us). You know who you are and we cannot thank you enough!

In addition, we are most of the way through a rewrite of the story that originally introduced us to Stanley (for those of you who have not read the ZPA series yet, Stanley is a hairy character who appears in book 3). There is also another story which will shed some light on a period of Arthur’s life coming (not fully baked yet, but it won’t be long). We are thinking about putting these stories into a compilation. More on that when we get there. 

We were really pleased with the response we received to the idea of us trying our hand at a space opera. We do have a draft of something that we are working on, but there is a lot more to go on that yet before it will be ready for the light of day. So let’s just say that this is a work in progress and leave it at that (yeah, we have a lot of those…).

In non-writing news, when we are not writing (or working a day job) we are spending more time on our discord server for writers (The INKubator). If you are a writer or a poet, or would like to be, feel free to drop by and say hi. It’s a group of great people and you will be most welcome.

Other than that, we are full steam ahead on the writing and now the editing of book 6. There is a lot to do yet to get it ready, so watch this space for updates.

That’s it for the opening. We have a lot going on in this week’s newsletter, including what we found on the internet this week (seriously weird stuff), a contest, a review of the winners from last week’s contest and our survey for the week. We love all your responses so please keep them coming!

We had more than either of us had time to respond to last week (sorry!) but we read every single one (with a lot of giggles).We also have some great stories to introduce to you from other authors as well as a promo you won’t want to miss.Please keep reading everyone and we will keep writing!

– Damian and Andrew,
 ZZ Adams

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