SIEGE (Zero-Point Awakening Pilot/Prequel)

SIEGE (Zero-Point Awakening Pilot/Prequel)

If you are a fan of The Boys, Watchmen, or Stranger Things, you will love this action-packed serialized science fiction superhero thriller.

The distance between hero and monster will be measured in corpses

Millicent Cuff leads a regular teenage life until an experimental aircraft crashes near her country home. From it, she recovers a broken sphere, one that has a strange effect on her body. But when an army places her village under siege and comes after her, the life she knows will be forever changed.

Trained to survive by her dad, a former SAS commando. Hard knocks are no stranger. But this battle will leave more than physical scars.

Siege is the dark, action-packed prequel to the Zero-Point Awakening Series: a quirky serialized science-fiction thriller.

SIEGE (Zero-Point Awakening Pilot/Prequel)

Evil corporation? Check. Retired SAS squad? Check. Who’s going to win when they go head-to-head?
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SIEGE (Zero-Point Awakening Pilot/Prequel)
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