Zero-Point Awakening

About the Series

Not the heroes the world needed. Just the only ones available.

Zero-Point Awakening

Zero-Point Awakening is a serialized science-fiction thriller jam-packed with action and humor. It follows Arthur Fortune, a former special forces member turned fame-hungry reality TV star, and Elliot Goshawk, a British teenaged assassin with a hankering for kebabs, and their fight to discover why a company household name seems to have it in for them both.

Elliot Goshawk is a shy, awkward teenager who also happens to be the sole survivor of a family of psychotic assassins… oh, and he can fuzz in and out of reality, changing his physical state. Arthur Fortune is a war hero, a wounded warrior, a father and a genetically enhanced (and probably alcoholic) playboy. Not necessarily in that order.

The Zero-Point Series

Siege (Prequel)

Zero-Point Awakening

The distance between hero and monster will be measured in corpses

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Splice (Book 1)

Zero-Point Awakening

An insidious corporation believed it could get away with anything. Until it messed with the wrong guys.

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Shadow War (Book 2)

Zero-Point Awakening

On the run from a remorseless corporation, now they’re working together to strike back!

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Ascension (Book 3)

Zero-Point Awakening

A psychopathic spy, a jaded teen assassin, a fame-hungry, d-list celebrity, and an intelligent orangutan walk into a bar…

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May Day (Book 4)

Zero-Point Awakening

Imminent alien invasion? There’s still time for one last kebab.

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Fire and Sand (Prequel/Companion Story)

Zero-Point Awakening

The sand will give up its secrets...

Fire and Sand tells the story of how Elliot and Gunther met. Find out more about Fire and Sand here.

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Release Schedule

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Prequel/Pilot, SIEGE – Available for FREE now by signing up to the ZZ Adams mailing list.

Episode One, SPLICE – Available now at Amazon.

Episode Two, SHADOW WAR – Available for preorder at Amazon.

Episode Three, ASCENSION – May 1, 2021

Episode Four, MAYDAY – June 1, 2021

Episode Five, COUNTERPUNCH – July 1, 2021

Spinoff Adventure, SUPER TIME TOKYO ZOMBIE PARTY – August 1, 2021

Episode Six, BEACHHEAD – September 1, 2021

Episode Seven, INCURSION – October 1, 2021

Episode Eight, TYRANNY – November 1, 2021 (Series final)

  • Release dates subject to change
Zero-Point Awakening