Fire and Sand

Fire and Sand

The sand will give up its secrets.

Shadowing an intelligence operative on a mission to an archaeological dig might sound like an easy gig. But the dig is behind enemy lines and the G-man is playing his cards close to his chest. For Arthur Fortunato, none of that adds up to good survival odds.

An incursion into an archaeological dig. An easy gig? Ships might fly.

Fire and Sand is a short, action-packed prequel to the Zero-Point Awakening Series: a quirky serialized science-fiction thriller. If you are a fan of page-turning quick reads, you won’t want to miss this one.

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Fire and Sand
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byJames D. Smith onFire and Sand

The book was a very quick read, but made no sense. Hope the next book is better. If not, ooo well.

Hi James, sorry to hear you didn't enjoy the story. We would love to hear where we lost you on this one. Feedback is a gift and we really appreciate yours. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

byHerschel onFire and Sand
Fire and Sand

An interesting short read that, for me did not satisfy as a complete story. I could see it as as prequel just being used to capture interest but not answering any of the questions it raised. It worked on that level cause I went looking for more.

byTerry onFire and Sand
Fire and Sand

A good short prequel which offers promise of so much more to come.

byLydia onFire and Sand
Sun and Sand

Excellent story beginning... I am unable to add it to
my Goodreads or Amazon list of read books
though... I will keep an eye out for more...

Thanks very much for the kind words, Lydia. These stories (Siege, Fire & Sand and Hunter) are only available to our newsletter subscribers which is why you cannot see them on Goodreads or Amazon. Thanks again!

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